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Searching for a Good Lawyer

If your legal issue is complex or involves a large amount of money, you may not want to settle it without a lawyer. Besides, lawyers not only offer legal information. They build strategies and use specialist skills in approaching legal woes. Ideally, you can find an attorney who will be your legal “coach,” educating you to the maximum extend and, when necessary, serve as your formal legal counsel.

When looking for a good lawyer, you should be ready for a little homework. Don’t think a good lawyer can be found simply by checking out an ad or scanning the phone book. These sources, while providing information, are not enough for you to make a valid judgment.

Personal Recommendations
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A better way to find a lawyer is to seek the help of people in your community with similar issues as you – for instance, if you have a claim that is related to your job, talk to a labor group. Perhaps they can recommend one of their trusted lawyers. Imagine if you talked to half a dozen people or groups who had the same legal problem as you do – you’ll have many quality leads. However, it is wrong to pick a lawyer on the sole basis of a referral. Note that different people will respond differently to an attorney’s style and personality. Referrals or recommendations are merely a starting point.
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Online Directories and Services

Several sites, including lawyer directories, will be able to connect you with local lawyers, depending on your location, as well as the type of case you have. You only have to answer a few questions regarding your case and provide your contact details, and the right types of lawyers will call or email you directly. Usually, these sites also feature a comprehensive profile for every attorney in their database to help you choose the right one.

Business Referrals

Professionals who provide services to big players in your are will also be able to help you search a quality lawyer. If you are looking for a lawyer whose specialty is small business law, for example, talk to a real estate broker, insurance agent or banker. As they are often in contact with lawyers of business clients, these people can make high-value recommendations.

Referral Services

Lawyer referral services need approval from the state bar association, but still, there can be huge differences among them. There are those that are very strict in screening attorneys, listing only those who possess specific qualifications and experience levels, while others will accept almost any lawyer, as long as they are of good standing with the state bar and maintain liability insurance. Thus, before selecting a lawyer referral service, make sure you know what their process is like.