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5 Tips on Finding the Right Workers Compensation Doctor

5 Tips on Finding the Right Workers Compensation Doctor
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Seeking a qualified workers compensation doctor is necessary when you sustain a work related injury. Not all doctors are equipped to treat federal workers. You have to take the initiative to find a doctor that can treat your injuries as well as knowledgeable in writing a report that can get your claim approved. The following are 5 tips on finding the right workers compensation doctor.

1. Be Polite and Caring

On the first contact, you have the opportunity to examine the doctor and see if he is qualified. The workers compensation Dallas doctor has to be polite and attentive to hear your concerns. He should be caring and ask questions about your injury and then give you an evaluation on your condition. The doctor must be cooperative and stand by your side to work things out with you until you receive the compensation. Uncooperative doctor can cause you to receive significantly lesser compensation.

2. Experienced in Treating Federal Workers

The workers compensation doctor you hire should have many years of experiences in treating patients with work related injuries. You can ask the doctor for references of the past patients he had treated so that you can contact them and ask for opinions on the program. You want someone who is experienced in dealing in the compensation claim process with the bureaucracy of the federal government. It will make it easier and faster for you to receive the compensation.

3. Accept the Medical Fee Schedule

The workers compensation doctor should accept the medical fee schedule on the workers compensation. If the doctor accept the medical fee schedule, he cannot charge more than what is stated on the fee schedule. He is not supposed to charge you the difference in between the original cost for the services and the fee that is paid to the medical fee schedule. The fees is based on the average fees charged by the local providers for similar services and is often lower than the fees charged by the doctor.

4. Able to Provide a Detailed Written Report

The workers compensation doctor must be knowledgeable in providing a detailed written report to support your claim. The report should contain information about whether the injury is related to an accident that occur in the workplace, connection of the injury with your medical history, whether you are capable of continue working, and etc. Hiring an OWCP doctor that is reliable and has good reputation will ensure that your report get recognized.

5. Availability for the Medical Appointments

The OWCP doctor should be available for all your medical appointments. If he has to miss one appointment, he should let you reschedule the appointment to another convenient date. Missing medical appointments can be a costly mistake as the commissioner will see that you are not interested in getting well and seeking treatment for your injury. The doctor will not give any statement on the excuse or why you miss the appointment. He will just put a no show on the medical record. For this reason, it is important that you make the effort to show up for all your doctor’s appointments.