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Cartons and Their Uses Today

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Cartons are normally used for packaging. These are normally made from paper board or corrugated fiberboard. These are sometimes called boxes. When you are packing up your house or buying groceries that are placed in boxes, then you are using cartons of some kind.

Cartons and Their Uses Today

Types of cartons

There are several types of cartons that can be used. The first type of cartons are folding cartons. These are used for packaging from food, pharmaceuticals, hardware, and several other types of products. This type of cartons is made by combining a tube by a manufacturer but shipped flat to the packager. The tray style is cartons that have a solid bottom and a flat blank when shipped. Some cartons are self-erecting along with there are high speed equipment to set up, load, and close the cartons. Egg cartons are made to protect eggs when they are being transported. Egg cartons are made by recycled newsprint that is molded into the shape to protect the eggs. They have started to make egg cartons from polystyrene and PET. Aseptic carton are used for liquid packaging board, foil and polyethylene. There are two options when it comes from the manufacturer by printing laminate to a roll and then it is cut, shaped, and formed by someone into a carton. The other option is pre-assembled tubes that have to be completed and filled by a packager. The steel can container can be recycled easier than paperboard cartons. Gable top cartons are used for liquid, such as milk or juice. These are polyethylene coated paperboard or other packaging board. Sometimes foil lamination is sometimes used.

Cartons and their uses

Cartons are used everywhere in today’s world. Cartons are found in your house, grocery store, schools, and factories. The groceries in the store are either in bags, boxes, or bottles. When the groceries stores receive their products, it is in boxes to keep all the same type of product. Cartons help keep their products safe along with making sure that your purchase has not been messed with before you bought it. You then bring these cartons in your house once you have purchased them. In schools, your supplies come in boxes or cartons that are made to hold them in place. Your milk carton is a gable top carton so that it is easier for the students to open and drink out of them. Recycling is something that a lot of people want to do to help out the environment. When looking at recycling paper board, you have to see which way fits the needs of people better. You can recycle paperboard by flattening ground up paperboard and using the material from it to make building materials from it. You can also have it recycled to where they pull out the cardboard fibers in the paperboard. It could also be recycled by pulling the layers apart, then recycling it piece by piece. Cartons are a part of everyday life and are used in so many aspects that you do not even realize that you are using them.