Marketing BlogAs we close out 2015 and begin the circle dance anew, there will be lots of predictions of what 2016 will hold in terms of promoting trends and have to dos. Depends on what you want to do: for a breakout on a new product or service, a separate internet site — with the blog as a principal component — frequently is a good concept. Then once again, if you want to attract more traffic to your business web site, a weblog is a excellent way to do it because the frequent updates aid improve your Google rankings. A lot of businesses and solopreneurs don’t realize that the power of the weblog takes time to yield outcomes. Recognize that you never want to post duplicate content mainly because this hurts your rankings on search. This blog delivers an immense quantity of value for each novices and a more knowledgeable crowd.

If your weblog is mostly thought leadership content material that attracts a broad audience (your categories across the top rated are about communication and leadership, and so on. Based on your explanation, I’d suggest making two separate blogs because your audiences are so various (at least based on your response). Jeff Bullas’s Weblog – Jeff Bullas is an author, blogger and strategist whose aim is to supply insight on aspects of social media marketing, content material marketing and digital marketing and advertising.

Their internet site is a must-study web marketing blog about content marketing and advertising and copywriting. While your blog is a excellent spot to commence content marketing the nirvana for this channel would surely have to be the earned media” opportunities. Start by arranging your organization’s marketing events for the year and use public holidays exactly where appropriate.

You’re not at the whim of alterations in the rules …