Financial Services Examples

Financial services examples range from online investment funds to large banks. For the most part, these companies have user-friendly websites with clean design templates. Some also offer customer support through chatbots. Whether your business offers investment or insurance services, there is an example for each type of site. In addition to financial services, these websites can provide advice on how to market your company effectively.

Website design for financial services providers

A well-designed financial services website makes it easy for customers to find what they’re looking for quickly and easily. Clear information, call to actions, and a strong visual hierarchy keep the users’ needs at the forefront of the design. The site also uses black and white with accent colours to highlight important content.

The best financial services websites can reach billions of online users. They can also generate up to 760% more quality leads. For this reason, they must be easy to navigate, secure, and run across multiple channels. Moreover, a user-friendly design with good data integration will ensure a higher return on investment (ROI) than traditional sales techniques.

Email marketing strategy for financial services providers

An effective email marketing strategy for financial services providers should include a combination of human factor, digital storytelling, and tie-ins with services offered. For example, an email pitching feature can include a promise like “Save 1.3 percent on your savings loan” or “Help put your child through college by saving X amount per week.”

The subject line of an email is an essential part of any email campaign, and long subject lines are more effective than short ones. The length of the subject line is especially important because most modern digital consumers automatically tune out sales and informational messages. Statistics and percentages are particularly effective in subject lines.

Chatbots as virtual assistants

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