The Kardashian Family Offers Advice on Business and Marketing

Fans either adore or despise the Kardashian family. Lessons in management can be gleaned from even the most chaotic of environments, such as a family. On the other hand, what started out as 15 minutes of fame has now expanded into 13 seasons and multiple spin-offs featuring the Kardashian family. Hulu exclusive from E. The strategy required more than just boots.

 Kim Kardashian is a contemporary icon who also happens to be one of the most divisive figures in the world. In spite of the fact that Kim Kardashian has millions of devoted fans, many people who are not among them have voiced their disagreement with the manner in which she rose to fame. There are a lot of people who believe that Kardashian’s success can be traced back to a combination of her illustrious ancestry, the notorious sextape, and the ratings of her reality show. Nevertheless, that is just one facet of the larger narrative that explains Kardashian’s meteoric rise in the media. Kim Kardashian is the tenth most influential person online due to the fact that she has over 300 million people following her across her various social media platforms. She has accumulated fortunes that are beyond the comprehension of the majority of people.

 It would appear that their show has all the makings of a standard reality competition series, complete with cursing, a “cage match” between the sisters, and a lot of dramatic tension. If you turn off all of the distracting extras that keep people coming back for more, you will be able to find some useful advice for managing your company. Here is the best marketing and business advice that the Kardashian-Jenners have to offer. Learning Should Never Be Stopped It is common knowledge that the Kardashian family enjoys expanding their knowledge and spends a …