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Things to Know About Buying a Copier and Getting it Serviced When you are in the market for a new copier for your business you might first want to consider whether you want to buy or lease one. Often you have the option of buying the copier once you begin a lease. If your needs are small then purchasing a copier can makes sense, but if you need something bigger or more complex leasing might be a better financial option to get the ball rolling. If there’s a chance that you might benefit from an upgrade at some point, then that is another reason that leasing that can be the most cost effective option. Whatever you do don’t feel rushed into choosing a copier since you want the decision to be the right one. Multifunction printers can be a great investment since they can handle more jobs than the average printer, which can cut done on costs as well as save space within the office. If you have different sizes of paper that you need to print on then these machines can be great for that too. If you need to send faxes, it might be worth your time to get a laser printer that has that function and capability as well. Many companies that you can lease from have options such as leasing refurbished goods as well, which can add more options to the new stuff you might be considering. If you purchased a copier you would be responsible for all of the maintenance, but often with a lease deal that gets negotiated as well.But before you sign any agreements you might want to consider what it is exactly that you are agreeing to. The service agreements take into account how many clicks you make in a month, which is each use of the printer. You don’t actually have to make the amount of clicks that you singed onto, but you will pay that amount either way. If you end up making more clicks, you could end up paying more.
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If you are doing printing that has different size paper you might consider that those can turn into multiple clicks per page depending on the size of the paper. Signing a service agreement with a copier company means that you will be getting everything that you need like toner, drums, the maintenance, service, and anything else that you might need like staples. The idea is to lessen the hassle for you since you probably won’t be an expert in running or fixing a copier. Always considered few options before you dive into them however.Copiers – My Most Valuable Tips