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8 Web Development Trends For 2023

8 Web Development Trends For 2023
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Trends come and go. Some never materialise into anything substantial, while others stick around for many decades. At the end of the day, you will find people across different niches and industries grabbing their crystal balls and doing their best to predict the future.

If you’re a business owner, digital marketer, web developer, CEO, or MD looking to enhance your website or build a new website in 2023, here is a rundown of some of the things to keep an eye out for.

One of the key things we see growing in even more popularity in 2023 is Motion UI. This is a SaSS library designed to enable developers to build website movement. It uses custom development animation and CSS Transitions that can be used alongside several different animated elements. You don’t need to have expert knowledge in jQuery or JavaScript, as it comes with about 30 different pre-set CSS classes that can be implemented with relative ease.

With this in mind, if you’re a jQuery or JavaScript expert, these classes are customisable enough if you’re looking to create something unique. It’s therefore a good tool for developers at all levels, which further supports the reason why we think Motion UI will be huge in 2023.


Single Page Applications (SPAs)

A single-page application is a website that’s essentially built on one long page. Instead of the conventional menu and homepage, the page is divided into relevant sections. Users can find what they’re looking for by scrolling on one continuous page or by clicking on different anchor links to take them to the intended sections of the page.

We envisage SPAs becoming a lot more popular in 2023 owing to the continuous rise in mobile web traffic as mentioned earlier. Page speed is another key metric when it comes to web development in 2023. SPA provides this as a benefit because it avoids having to load separate HTML pages from a server to show specific pages to the visitor. Instead, it only loads data and markup to dynamically render them on a single page.

Single-page applications are also scroll-friendly, which is a major benefit to mobile users depending on their preferences. With this in mind, we suggest doing thorough research and testing on your users before deciding whether SPA is the right way to go for your users, or whether a more conventional multi-page website might serve them better.


The Evolution of Web Design

While this might be a list of trends for web developers to look out for in 2023, the evolution of web design will have a huge role in determining what developers will be building in 2023. Web development and web design go hand in hand, and having a good level of understanding of web design trends is always handy, especially for a website development agency.

The growing popularity of movement-based interfaces is going to be big, and you should therefore be comfortable interpreting Figma or XD designs provided by web designers and be confident in developing the desired outcomes. We also predict a higher demand for bolder and larger typography, micro animations, animated cursors, colour gradients, custom illustrations, and graphics, just to name a few. We expect more web developers to be applying these to websites in 2023; a lot more than in previous years.


Bottom line

Web development is constantly evolving to stay in touch with the needs and expectations of website users. We have outlined various emerging trends, including the rise in mobile users, higher demand for responsive and visually appealing websites, and the importance of page load speeds. However, there’s one thing that each of these trends has in common – the user.

If you want to update your in 2023, reach out to us to learn more about how we can help.