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Visa Business Debit Cards at Bankera

Visa Business Debit Cards at Bankera
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In recent years, with the new discoveries and updates in the sphere of technology and the virtual world, human life faces some evaluation in its daily activities. Currently, the idea of traditional banks is under pressure from the new improvements and ideas in this sphere. In this short article, we will write about Bankera, as one of the alternative platforms for banking service, we will discover its features and services and we also will mention its special business cards for their customers around the world. 

Bankera & Its Features

The idea of Bankera came because of complications and many documents work of traditional banks especially nowadays. So Bankera as one of the alternative ways, is providing banking services for its users, totally in online format and customers will be able to make all their transactions and payments just with some tap on their mobile phone. With Bankera, users will be able to have an IBAN account with their own name and totally without any fees. Also customers can have virtual and physical debit cards by this platform, that is linked to their accounts and will allow them to make contactless payments and also withdraw their funds from any ATMs. With Bankera’s platform, online users will be able to send and receive money just by using email,phone number or account details on the other side. Should be noted that Bankera is not just secure, but also its mobile app is very easy to use and simple.  

Visa Business Debit Cards 

Addition to all mentioned services that Bankera is providing for its individual users, this online platform is also having special services for the industries. WIth the Bankera’s Business account, companies will be able to use all services of this platform and also have a Visa debit card that is linked to the company’s IBAN account. The main point is that these debit cards are available both in virtual and physical format for the ease of use in businesses around the world. These cards are available for both conventional industries and high-risk industries that are in the EEA region and in the UK. However the fees in some points are different; for high risk companies, the cards fee is 50 euro and monthly payment for the card is 50 euro too but for conventional industries, the cards fee is 0 and the monthly payment is just 1 euro. For sure there are some other fees that industries will need to accept from the Bankera side, fees like for withdrawals, payments in different shops and chargeback. 


Definitely, nowadays especially with the difficulties like covid-19 around the world, the ideas like Bankera that is trying to provide all banking services in online format, can be counted as one of the best services for making life more easier for people around the world. For sure the most significant point about Bankera is that it not just provides service to individuals, but also for businesses and industries too.