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Benefits of Low Charge Ammonia Refrigeration

The world in the recent days has been very keen on issues to do with global warming as one of the critical environmental issues. While this has been the case, industries, and organizations across the world have been on the move to meet the international standards regarding measures put in place to reduce emissions among other environmental degraders. Various industries and organizations have been on their toes trying to implement these policies towards an eco-friendly production. Several conferences, as well as research, has been carried to ensure that the methods of production consume as little energy as possible. The cold storage industry is among the industries which have had to embark on research as a way of ensuring better refrigeration process.

Ammonia refrigerators have been in the limelight especially due to the preference of industries to use them for their effectiveness. Among the reasons that led to the use of ammonia in the cooling systems include its detectability in case it leaked. In addition, ammonia has been used in the refrigeration system due to the fact that in case of a leakage, it is lighter than air and hence has higher chances of rising up and hence may not have adverse effects on the human being like other poisonous gases.

Low charge ammonia refrigerators have come as an alternative due to a number of reasons. There is need of just a fraction of the refrigerant to achieve the same impact with the traditional refrigeration system. In addition, it is factory assembled a factor that makes it not require an expert the moment it is on the site.

The total cost of installation, transportation as well as operation tend to be less as compared to the traditional refrigeration technology. Low charge refrigeration technology also tend to consume lesser energy hence preserves energy for other uses saving the institution in question money. It is also field tested and hence one does not have to worry that it may break down. Its high demand in the market is also a prove that those who have has an experience with it recommend it to their other branches and even to their friend who operates in the same or related fields.

In addition, most of the low charge ammonia refrigerators are capable of being used for a wide range of applications especially on matters to do with warehousing. The low charge ammonia refrigerators have also been proven to reduce 80% of the ammonia charge when compared to the traditional pump circulation system. It has been rated as a health, economic and environmentally friendly technology making most of the individual in the cooling and refrigeration industry prefer it.

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