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Never Fall For Mystery Shopper Scam

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Mystery Shopper ScamEach Paul Evans and Brenda Atkins approached me via e mail with guidelines to money 2 active dollars cashiers checks and to comply with a confidential evaluation at walmart near me. I advised them beneath USA verses DKN industries that DKN was my former employers and they committed insurance coverage scams and fraud and that i myself am constructing a civil and criminal case against them for conspiracy wire fraud id fraud and doable rico scams. If you are interested in becoming a secret shopper, The Federal Trade Commission recommends you use the website to search a database of mystery shopper assignments and find out how to apply for them. It was giving me directions to deposit that check with my bank, email (compulsorily)… Yeah I’m sorrily & advise him that I received their check so he’ll make sure funds will in the account. Be careful to delete the reply prior to sending as to not confirm your receipt of the e-mail to the scam artists hence confirming to them that your e mail is active.

If you have fallen victim to such a scam and given out your personal account information, speak to your financial institution instantly to safeguard your accounts, block your cards, fill out a fraud affidavit, and take other protective measures as essential. The scam artist sends a letter, e-mail solicitation or places an ad in a newspaper or on an electronic message board describing a paid, stay-at-home position in which the consumer will evaluate client service at substantial retail stores—businesses with familiar names. Wire transferring most of the proceeds of a negative verify/money order ‘back’ to the sender of the verify is a scam.

The directions were to deposit the check in my bank account then the next day go back to my bank and withdraw enough to send two money orders for $750.00 which I was to go to Walmart to get a moneygram and send them to these two people, the rest was mine to retain as payment. Walmart does offer you a survey, located at , which is advertised on random receipts in our Stores. If you have been contacted to shop Western Union or Funds Gram, and it requires you getting a cashier’s verify or funds order, IT IS A SCAM.

They feel I will believe that these are supposed to be from a secret shopper corporation, mailed from a car or truck dealership in Ocala, Florida, off of an account from a bank in Washington DC. The verify does not determine anywhere that it is connected in any way with this dealership OR secret shoppers. I am not sure if it is Mystery Shopper’s business or their consumers – somehow they got my name, address and email address. In reality, these retailers have no affiliation with the scam artist placing the ad.

They are offered a name and address to wire dollars to, from the check that was sent to them, and told to fill out an evaluation form on the service received and email or fax that back to the organization they are operating for. The manager stated it’s like hair on your physique with these scams, so take HEED with these parasite men and women and don’t let them take your cash. Their internet site is Other indications that you are involved with a scam is when you obtain a check for much more than what is owed you and you are asked to wire the distinction back to the sender. Which was to pay me for the job I was to do and any costs to spend and to sent cash by Income Gram to an additional Secret Shopper.