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9 Top Free Resources for Business Start-Up

9 Top Free Resources for Business Start-Up

Nowadays, business start-up costs can end up being very costly. It is a good thing that the internet has tools that are available to help start-up a business. There are many different online resources that you can use to help you with your set-up and guide you all the way through to the marketing process. Here are 9 online start-up business resources and each resource is free of charge, which is more of a reason for potential entrepreneurs to try it out.

Business Planner Templates

If you are not sure if your business concept is a good idea financially, there are online resources that provide free downloadable templates for business planning. These templates will help you effectively format your plans so that you can get your business plan ready for financial applications.

9 Top Free Resources for Business Start-Up

Starting Costs Estimator

There are also websites that provide online calculators to help you work out your business start-up costs. By entering the initial expenses, capital, start-up stock, short-term assets and long-term assets, the business starting costs calculator could show you an estimate of how much you might need for your business plan.

Business Link

You could also check out links provided by government sources for business support and information about the rules and regulations that your business will be operating under. You can also access government services and case studies that are related to the same business concept as the one in your business plan.

Domain Checker

There are various online tools to check the availability of a domain name such as Domain Checker. They can help you to check if your prospective domain name is available or not. All you have to do is enter the website name into the search box and hit enter to begin the search. The tool would automatically give you information about the availability of the domain name, whether it is available with , .com or .net.

Survey Monkey

To give your business start-up the edge that it needs, you could conduct surveys with online resources that can provide you such services. With this tool, you can effortlessly conduct surveys for market research and decision-making.


If you already have a business name picked out, you can see if it is available in social networks and social bookmarking sites by using a social network name checking program. Within seconds, you can easily get information about which URL and nickname is available as well as other choices that are related to it.


The internet has several different social networking sites such as Facebook, Twitter and MySpace. Managing all of these profiles individually can turn out to be very difficult. This website has a free service where you could set up a professional profile with up to five social networking logins so that you can easily promote your business.


Network online with LinkedIn. You can create your own profile and accumulate contacts through this business networking site. It is a good way of accessing knowledge, opportunities and insights


If your … Read the rest ...

The Link Between Wealth and Breeding

The Link Between Wealth and Breeding

ONE of the paradoxes of human biology is that the rich world has fewer children than the poor world. In most species, improved conditions are expected to increase reproductive efforts, not reduce them, but along with economic development, country after country has experienced what is known as a demographic transition: fertility (defined as the number of children borne by a woman over her lifetime) down from about eight to near one and a half. That number is so small that even with the decline in child mortality that usually accompanies development, it is not possible to sustain the population.

The collapse of this reproduction is very worrying because it comes along with an increase in life expectancy which shows that, by the middle of this century, populations in the most developed countries will not only shrink (unless they are supported by enormous historical levels). immigration) but also that the number of retirees supported by every working age person will increase significantly. However, if Mikko Myrskyla from the University of Pennsylvania and his colleagues was right, things might not be that bad. A study they just published in Nature shows that along with development, the demographic transition is reversed.

The Link Between Wealth and Breeding

Dr. Myrskyla sees the world as it was in 1975 and as it is now (or, at least, as in 2005). He compared two things. One is the total fertility rate (the number of children to be born by a woman in a particular country during her lifetime if she experiences an age-specific fertility rate observed in that country during the calendar year concerned). The other is the human development index for the country. HDI, a measure used by the United Nations, has three components: life expectancy; average income per person; and education level. The maximum possible value is one.

Back in the 1970s, no country approached any. Of the 107 places the researchers saw, the best was Canada, with a HDI of 0.89. However, in 2005, things improved. Two dozen of what is now 240 countries have HDI above nine – and something extraordinary has happened. Back in 1975, a graph depicting fertility rates for HDI fell when HDI rose. But in 2005, the line had a kink in it. Above HDI 0.9 or higher, appears, producing what is known in jargon as a “J-shaped” curve (even though it is a mirror image of the letter J). As the graph shows, in many countries with very high development rates (around 0.95) fertility rates are now approaching two children per woman. There are exceptions, especially Canada and Japan, but the trend is clear.

MB: Shocking! The trend is clear, when countries or even households become more advanced and financially stable they have lower fertility rates. Why is more than that our human psychology works in an irregular way; households must want more children because they can afford it no less. I am sure there are a number of explanations for why this phenomenon occurs; but I feel there is a big factor … Read the rest ...

The Significance of Mobile Digital Advertising and marketing

The Significance of Mobile Digital Advertising and marketing

Using the recent huge upswing in customers browsing the web on handheld devices like mobile phones, and much more not too long ago tablet computers, the leading corporations have had to have a look at innovative techniques of digital promoting to be able to take advantage of this new chance. The selections open to mobile marketers have enhanced massively over the previous couple of years, in certain the emergence of touch screen technology driven by the massively popular iPhone, along with the technologies applied enables for previously unheard of marketing technologies to come to the fore. Mainly because of the price at which this technologies has emerged there is presently no advertising ‘rule book’ from which corporations can base a campaign, so it has led to a number of clever and revolutionary techniques by several of the worlds’ prime brands to take the lead within this field.

The dominance of social media, Facebook in distinct, has led companies to locate new methods of having shoppers to opt in or ‘like’ their web page in an effort to give them having a communication channel by way of which they will engage with their target audience on a common (and price efficient) basis. Fashion brand Diesel have pioneered an fascinating way of acquire Facebook fans, working with QR codes in shop on products and offering discounts to people who scan the code and ‘like’ the item. On paper this is a good concept, it benefits the customer by decreasing the price of their acquire too as benefiting Diesel by allowing them no cost marketing to the users friends and family.

Moving away from Facebook, GranataPet in Germany have made use on the well-liked application Foursquare when promoting dry dog food. They released a variety of billboards with dispensing trays on the bottom, and when a user checked into Foursquare subsequent towards the tray the billboard dispensed a cost-free sample of your item. Foursquare looks set to become used within a quantity of revolutionary campaigns in the future as companies get to grips with the potential on the place monitoring app.

Another location still in its infancy but which is searching like becoming a prominent technologies is mobile payment, the facility to spend for solutions and services applying only your mobile telephone. Starbucks have already been on the list of 1st to take on this technology, permitting users to get coffee by way of its iPhone application. You’ll find companies wanting to trial a brand new technique that will enable phones to function in a similar solution to debit cards, with the handset getting held as much as a payment terminal as well as the funds becoming withdrawn automatically in the customers account. Once more that is in its infancy so it might be some time ahead of it becomes commonplace but the initial signs are encouraging that it might be adopted as a viable approach of payment.… Read the rest ...

How To Use Automation to Short Cut Your Marketing Efforts and Increase Your Profits

How To Use Automation to Short Cut Your Marketing Efforts and Increase Your Profits

I often hear entrepreneurs making this excuse about why they aren’t marketing their business consistently:

“I don’t have enough time to market Sydni!”

I’ll refrain from going off on a rant about making excuses (and how that correlates to how successful you are in business), but I will say that we are each gifted 24 hours each day. How you choose to spend that time is entirely up to you. But you can easily buy more time to help you specifically with your marketing.

“How is that?” you ask.

You can do this by automating as much of your marketing as possible. Let’s face it, technological advancement is on the move and not slowing down any time soon. Rather than this being a cause for fear or stress, embrace it and use technology to your marketing advantage. You will serve your audience well and increase your profits by letting technology pull the heavy load for your marketing needs. Automation simply means to use technology to handle repetitive tasks for you. Let’s see how this works.

Set it and forget it

In our business, we use a web-based software called InfusionSoft to automate much of our marketing. For example, when a prospective client visits our website she is given the opportunity to sign up for a free gift and this weekly newsletter (Which you’ve already done. Thank you for that.) The action of entering her name and email address triggers InfusionSoft to send the new community member a series of emails.

The first message welcomes them to the Smart Simple Marketing family. It also gives them instant access to the gift that they were promised. That gift solves a specific problem by teaching the new member “5 Simple Steps to More Clients, More Visibility and More Freedom.”

The remainder of the introductory emails engage the reader in a virtual conversation and give us the opportunity to help them solve other problems they have by making offers for products and services. This automation process gives us the freedom to stay in touch with EVERY new community member and learn more about their personal interests.

How to Implement

You can model this for your business. If you were to meet a new friend and offer them a free gift (based on your expertise) that will help them solve a specific problem, what would you say to them in your follow up? Perhaps “hey, just checking in to see if you have any questions” or “did you notice this point on page 3″ or “would you like to chat for a few minutes about your personal situation?” Think of this as if you were sitting down, with your favorite beverage, having a conversation with a person who’s company you really enjoy. What questions might they have about the information you’ve shared? What would you say in response? What questions do you have for them?

Do a brain dump and just write what comes to you. Don’t censor yourself, stay in the moment … Read the rest ...

Before You Start Your Candle Home Business, Do This

Before You Start Your Candle Home Business, Do This

Protect your Assets

If you make your own candles and you want to become a business here is what you must do before you sell a candle. Even if this only going to be a part time business you should realize you are vulnerable to action lawsuits for a number of reasons. You are now a manufacturer and you come under laws that govern any kind of manufacturer no matter how big or small.

See your lawyer and form a small company. As a registered company you protect your personal assets. Any claim against you will be against your company only, all your personal assets including your house or investments are protected against claim.. There is an expense involved in becoming a registered company, however,the cost is minimal compared to the cost of a lawsuit. The last thing you want is to end up in court owing thousands of dollars, or more, because someone has sued you.

Secondly, a lawyer can advise you on the legal aspects of your candle home business, you are now classified as a manufacturer, and you have to be compliant with corporate law. If you have a unique line of candles you may want to look into a trademark protecting your name that identifies your brand.

See An Accountant

If making and keeping a set of books is something your not very good at an accountant can help you set up your business properly and together provide a detailed plan of how to handle all the transactions, expense involved and how to set up a balance sheet and an income statement. and don’t forget…taxes.

An Insurance Agent

See an insurance agent that specializes in corporate insurance. The agent can advise you on what kinds of liability you need to insure your business for. This wont be a big issue when your company is small but as it grows you need to have an insurance policy to protect you and your investment.

A Small Business Plan.

A business plan will allow you to plot your progress and define goals, to work ahead of yourself and help keep your business on track. A business plan defines your business, for instance, when you want to expand you will know what is involved and have the cash to do it. There is a lot more and you can find more information on your candle home business at my website.… Read the rest ...